One Poem whilst WFH and Another whilst Running

The view which inspired Climb When it is Clear in April last year.

Climb When it is Clear

Television turned off, I take a moment
To myself — laying on my mother’s settee.
Windowpane keeps my gaze in its containment,
Lost staring at the same things I always see.

I’ll revisit this place again tomorrow:
Bells ringing, birds singing, home holds its shape.
What will I think, what will I know;
Looking for meaning, looking for escape.

My eyes follow the crane in the sky.
Will I climb the mountain before I die?

Reflecting on the 2021 Senedd Election

Tweet showing a #dogsatpollingstations post.
Tweet showing a #dogsatpollingstations post.
My favourite thing to come out of these elections. Source: Emma Hopkins.

I’ve been watching the BBC election coverage for about an hour this morning. Not one mention of Wales so far. But, why would they? Once again, Wales has voted for Welsh Labour. As we have always done, since 1999.

2,386,957 registered voters in Wales. 47% turned out (+1.20). Labour small gains; Conservatives big gains; Plaid Cymru small gains. Whilst in Scotland, it looks like the SNP will get near a majority.

I guess, Scotland just wants it more than Wales.

When voting on to have an Assembly (not a Parliament) in 1997, only 50.3% voted in Wales. Of that percentage…

A Poem from May 2020

Vincent van Gogh’s Landscape at Auvers in the Rain 1890. Source: van Gogh.

Close your eyes to be lost at sea,
Outside is your garden, is reality.

Find shelter and listen as hail hits,
Just bad weather, not in a blitz.

Watch nature drown in a fight against floods,
Plant pots overflowing, not spilt blood.

Feel fear from the intruding sounds,
Conservatory creaks, no danger around.

Sunsets allude to the loneliest nights,
Don’t worry, the moon is shining bright.

Open your eyes and burst the bubble,
Be happy, don’t go looking for trouble.

According to the cloud, I wrote this in May of last year. If I remember correctly, I was sat in…

The Gambling Generation and Speculative Assets

Beeple’s “Everydays — The First 5000 Days,” a composite NFT by the artist, due to sell for millions at auction with Christie’s.
Beeple’s “Everydays — The First 5000 Days,” a composite NFT by the artist, due to sell for millions at auction with Christie’s.
“Everydays — The First 5000 Days,” a composite work (NFT) by Beeple, on sale at Christie’s. Source: Christie’s.

In the first 5,000 days, He created Mount Shrekmore, a Doge walking muscular Elon Musk and an octopus-Jeff Bezos fighting police helicopters. No, these aren’t religious references from a Holy Book. They’re NFTs created by Beeple.

What’s an NFT? Go watch this 2:05 video explaining and then come back… *look at the sky, nothing new there. Maybe something has changed on the floor? No, not long now anyway. Smile at them as if testimony to the video. Say “Good, right?” as the two minutes is nearing*… and, welcome back.

But in all seriousness, an NFT is a non-fungible token. Basically…

Surviving Copycats and Overcoming Barriers to Entry

Clubhouse has seen exponential growth in its userbase. Source: Vajresh Balaji.

When I first heard of Clubhouse last year, I was fairly excited about the prospect of it breaking into the social media market. As of 1 February, the drop-in audio app had just under 6m registered users. It jumped by around a million after Elon Musk tweeted that he would be speaking on it too.

For an app that’s invite-only, it’s doing well. I think it’s built a lot of hype and many are anticipating the launch of an original social media app. Unfortunately, in its short life, established social media platforms have begun to take notice.

Twitter first announced…

A Marketing Campaign Idea for Babbel

Graphic depicting a Babbel user daydreaming of going abroad.
Graphic depicting a Babbel user daydreaming of going abroad.
Dreaming of going abroad again. Source: Reviewed.

I’m bad at languages — shockingly bad. Growing up, the joke would be “Can barely speak English, let alone Welsh.” I would try to reassure myself that it wasn’t all my fault. Having oral dyspraxia, I had to go to speech school after normal school in order to master English. So, when compulsory short-term Welsh showed up in my education, I knew I was doomed.

That doesn’t mean I have shied away from languages. Whenever I go abroad, it’s always fun and a bit sincere to say hello or thanks, or even a phrase in the local language. …

Leave the Pound, Reject the Euro

Scottish pound notes, ones which they could use when Scottish independence is achieved.
Scottish pound notes, ones which they could use when Scottish independence is achieved.
What currency will be used when Scottish independence is achieved? Source: The National.

Scottish independence is coming. On Thursday, 6th May, UK voters go to the polls for the 2021 local elections. For the Scots, it will be a referendum on leaving the union or not.

If the SNP manages to keep or grow its majority, they will feel vindicated to push on with pressuring the UK Government to allow for a second referendum. It looks likely too — most recent polling shows support for Scottish independence surging to record highs (58% Yes).

This doesn’t come without scrutiny, though. And one of the major questions that will be asked of Nicola Sturgeon and…

A Marketing Campaign Idea for Crisis

Rough sleeping is on the rise. Source: NAO.

This is a question I’ve asked myself in the mornings before work. Sat in my car at 7:00 am, waiting for it to warm up before beginning my commute. Cold hands, tired eyes and a visible breath.

When I get to work, I do a bit of admin and check my emails. I usually have a quick check of the news too. So, I felt sad to see that the ONS had estimated 778 people in England and Wales had died whilst homeless in 2019. The fifth year in a row of cases rising.

What broke my heart was that…

Why Britain Must Reassess its Position Post-Brexit

Courier, owned by Mailchimp, who publish for small businesses. Source: Courier.

I impulse-bought something off LinkedIn the other day. Not like me, a serial saver; I say frugal, friends say tight. It was the Courier’s latest issue: How to start a business. With no real intention of starting a business, I think I bought the magazine half for its nice cover and half out of curiosity.

I know a lot of people who run small businesses. From the self-employed carpenters (stepfather), beauticians (friend) and freelance graphic designers (colleague) to the bigger but still small businesses (my current employer).

After flicking through the issue last Sunday morning, I thought about small businesses…

A Reflection on the 2020 US Election Results

Graphic from POLITICO on the two-party system.
Graphic from POLITICO on the two-party system.
The two-party system is failing America. Source: POLITICO.

There is a fake Mark Twain quote that gets shared on social media every so often. “No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot.”

It’s usually someone on the far-Right which shares fake news, but this one belongs to the Left. People take time out of their days to commit what they think are virtuous acts. But instead, they are naively engaging in a hyper-level of tribalism that doesn’t help their side nor does it change the view of the person they think they’re owning on the internet.

So, this begs the question, who’s the idiot? Because what I…

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